Knife Gate Valves
Knife Gate Valves from CMO, CYL and other manufacturers for their ability to handle powder, sludge and solids in suspension in liquids. Their low weight, slim build and guillotine action are important advantages in addition to their greater suitability over other valve types for many services. They give 100% tight shut-off can be provided with a V-shaped orifice for flow control or a square orifice to suit the adjacent pipework. Available with handwheel, lever, pneumatic, hydraulic or electric actuation. They are made with two main types of seating. The more common is the face seal which seals in one direction by the line pressure pushing the blade onto the seat. The bi-directional valve has an edge seal which has the additional advantage of having a completely clear bore when the valve is fully open. An option for powders and similar services is the through-conduit design in which there are two seats, one each side of the bade, that seal on the faces of the blade and the blade has a hole which lines-up with the bore of the body when the valve is open. The blade retracts when closing and there is not possibility of trapping solids between blade and seat.

Advantages over other valve types are as follows

Unlike conventional wedge gate valves, there is no wedging action to cause the blade to jam and the overall length is less which helps in confined spaces.

Unlike ball valves, there are no cavities or dead areas in which material can settle/ We have replaced Ball valves with high pressure Knife Gate valves in mud lines in the Oil & Gas Exploration Industry. The shorter overall length is an advantage which helps in confined spaces.

Unlike butterfly valves there are no restrictions in the bore when the valve is fully open and the blade does not have to push material aside when opening and closing.